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Advocacy looks different for each person. Some do it to improve HR overall, some aim to help make sure policies improve their jobs, and others do it to help improve their lives in and out of the workplace. Hear from HR professionals just like you about why and how they chose to advocate.



These young professionals have a passion for advocacy in the workplace. Beyond the office walls, they have made the choice to develop their narrative, speak up, and share their stories with you. Join them in making a difference, impacting policy, and improving HR for all.  

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Advocacy impacts us all, in and outside of the workplace. A special message from Emily M. Dickens talks about why advocacy is important to her and calls on you to Elevate the Voice of HR


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When Congress or state legislatures are developing workplace policy, HR’s voice needs to be heard. The SHRM Advocacy Team is a crucial component of SHRM’s advocacy efforts, and works with you to advance the interests of the HR profession at both the federal and state levels. As a member of the SHRM A-Team, you will join the ranks of other HR Advocates committed to moving the HR profession forward, and be the voice of our profession. Together we can advance effective workplace public policy and strive to move our profession forward. 

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In Other's Voices:

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Why I Advocate:
Pamela Bratton

Vice President of contracts and compliance, Meador Staffing Services, Inc. 

Advocating has made me so aware of the dangers of putting your workplace in the hands of people not equipped or educated to make those decisions. When I was young, I thought these legislators were well educated (and they typically are), but they are not schooled in employment, workplace, and human relations issues. They are not HR professionals, they are politicians.

HR is the voice for employees, employers, and best practices for both. 

I realized that in learning how to tell the story of how policies impacted my workers and workplace, that I became more aware of best practices versus mandates and laws. 


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Why I Advocate:
Alissa Penny

Owner/HR Consultant, A Better HR

Since HR professionals are on the ground floor of workplace policy administration, it is critical that we maintain active involvement in advocating for policies that are realistic to administer and are beneficial to the workforce.

Without our involvement, policies would be passed that we would be unable to administer or would be unrealistic for businesses to adhere to. It's similar to passing a surgical procedure without consulting with surgeons on the benefits and practicality of that procedure.

Advocating for effective workplace policies has helped me professionally by giving me true insight into what proper policy administration looks like and sets me up to be an expert for other HR professionals. 

Being an industry go-to is incredibly beneficial for not just my organization but for other HR professionals as well.


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Why I Advocate:
Jill Chapman

Sr. Performance Consultant, Insperity  

It's part of my everyday world.

Researching and advocating effective workplace policy keeps me current on policy and relevant to my own organization. It allows me to expand my view of the bigger picture for my entire organization, and the workforce at large, so they can depend on me to bring forward the issues being discussed externally and start the conversations internally about our response to potential policy change.

The personal relationship with my legislators and their staffs is invaluable, both personally and professionally. Last time I visited a district office was probably late fall 2019 and I write my legislators every time there is an issue for which I'm passionate! I've also seen local and federal officials at various events --charitable and social events, on a regular basis.  

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Why I Advocate:
La'Shawna White 

Recruitment Administrator/ The Volvo Group 

My advocacy work has opened my eyes to so much. It challenges me to dive in deeper when it comes to our workplace policies and how our Local/State/National governments are affecting said policies. 

Advocacy shapes so many factors in our HR world. In HR, we are in the people business and we need to ensure that we are align with everything that affects outcomes and experiences in regards to them. Taking a stance when it comes to advocacy is key! It shows that we have a vested interest in our employees . We want our employees to be able to receive equal and fair pay, and to be able to utilize FMLA with a paid leave element. These are just some of the issues that we rally for on the A-Team! I am so proud to be a member! 

We are in the people business and ensuring that we have these areas fair and just will make differences in lives.

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