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Why Attend?

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Make an Impact

You will leave feeling confident in your ability to advocate effectively—empowering you to positively impact current and future generations of workers.

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Thought Leadership

Tap into the experience, talent and passion of subject matter experts, capitol hill veterans, and fellow attendees at Advocacy@Work. You will learn from shared best practices, “on the ground” advocacy experiences, challenges, and success stories.

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Meaningful Connections

More than any other event, you’ll have the opportunity to network with other attendees and build strategic relationships with policymakers. These connections will help you in your career and elevate the voice of HR on policy issues.

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Career Advancement

This experience will provide you the fundamentals of leadership and persuasive communication training. Thus, giving you the tools to become an even stronger leader in your workplace and opening the door for advancing in your career.

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What is Advocacy@Work

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Bringing together like-minded individuals with the goal of elevating HR around all things work, SHRM’s newest event, Advocacy@Work, will give you the opportunity to have your voice heard. This is a “roll-up your sleeves” experience. You’ll engage and interact with subject matter experts, Capitol Hill veterans and other attendees. You’ll leave feeling empowered and confident that you can advocate effectively not only for yourself and your organization but also on the national, state, and local levels—impacting and elevating the voice of HR for future generations of workers to come.

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SHRM is a reliable and vocal presence wherever workplace issues are being debated, including at the executive and legislative levels of our government. We believe in policy, not politics, and our non-partisan advocacy consistently supports the best ideas to improve the workplace. (—Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., SHRM-SCP, SHRM President and CEO)

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Advocacy@Work: Elevating the Voice of HR

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You and your 300,000 fellow SHRM members impact the lives and work of over 100 million people in the workforce. You are a monumental force in the world of work. In your role, you understand that the people make or break an organization’s success.

This spring, make your voice heard with SHRM's Advocacy@Work. The event will elevate HR and improve the lives of people in your organization and community.